The Yocto Project

Aufbauend auf Ihr Wissen betreffend Embedded Linux, dem Linux Kernel und weiteren Komponenten eines Linux Systems möchten wir Ihnen das Wesentliche zur Nutzung des Yocto Projekts vermitteln.
Sie erhalten Kenntnisse, wie ein BSP/Framework-Betreuer sowie Entwickler das Yocto Projekt verwenden würden.

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3.558,10 € inkl. MwSt. Dauer 4 Tage
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  • Verpflegung
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  • Inhalte
    • Introduction
    • Embedded Specifics
    • Eval Board
    • Yocto Introduction
    • Yocto Autobuilder
    • The Yocto Project Workflow
    • BitBake
    • Layers
    • BSP
    • Kernel
    • Application/Software Development Kit
    • Eclipse
    • User Space Debugging
    • Profiling/Tracing
    • Package Management
    • Licensing
    • Devtool

    Hands-on sessions are performed on target hardware (e.g. phyBOARD-Mira i.MX 6 Quad - Full Featured). After the training the students will be able to download a docker image with Ubuntu 16.x and all dependencies pre-installed plus the examples in order to work with the course material in their own labs.

    Please note that this is not an introductory course to Embedded
    Linux like the one we offer here. You should already know how Embedded Linux works and maybe you even configured/built the Linux kernel for some of your projects.

    You already use Linux for your projects and have probably heard about the Yocto Project, but did not dare to have a closer look into it, or had difficulties using it. You don’t know whether and how your daily workflow can be accomodated in the YP and generally find the YP rather complicated.
    Why do we need all this since up to know everything was (supposedly) much easier?

    After the training you should be able to decide whether you need the YP or not. The workshop is aimed at software-, development-, system engineers, testers, administrators, engineers and other parties interested in the YP, with a solid knowledge of Embedded Linux.

    • Sie sollten bereits wissen, wie Embedded Linux funktioniert und wie der Linux-Kernel bzw. Kerneltreiber konfiguriert/erstellt werden.
    • Grundlegende Vertrautheit mit der Verwendung eines Linux-Systems (z.B. Ubuntu) als Endbenutzer im user space
    • Grundlegende Vertrautheit mit einer Befehlszeilen-Shell
    • Grundkenntnisse von User/Kernel-Space Programmierung unter Linux
    • Mittelmäßige C-Programmierkenntnisse
    • Um dem Training folgen zu können sollten Sie Erfahrung mit Embedded Linux mitbringen (wie man den Kernel baut, userspace, root le-system, tools).
    • Es ist ebenfalls hilfreich zu wissen wie man den Linux Kernel, Kerneltreiber in/out of tree baut und was ein fdt ist um dem Kernel Kapitel folgen zu können.

    • You should already know how embedded Linux works and how to configure/create the Linux kernel or kernel driver.
    • Basic familiarity with using a Linux system (e.g. Ubuntu) as an end user in user space
    • Basic familiarity with a command line shell
    • Basic knowledge of user/kernel space programming under Linux
    • Middle C programming skills
    • In order to be able to follow the training, you should have experience with Embedded Linux (how to build the kernel, userspace, root le-system, tools).
    • It is also helpful to know how to build the Linux kernel, kernel drivers in/out of tree and what an fdt is to follow the kernel chapter.
  • DatumOrtStatusAktionspreisBuchen Angebot
    21.02. – 24.02.2023 München
    21.02. – 24.02.2023 Virtual Classroom LIVE
    03.04. – 06.04.2023 München
    03.04. – 06.04.2023 Virtual Classroom LIVE
    07.08. – 10.08.2023 München
    07.08. – 10.08.2023 Virtual Classroom LIVE
    20.11. – 23.11.2023 München
    20.11. – 23.11.2023 Virtual Classroom LIVE
  • ebook in Englisch pdf
  • All the training material is English, but the presentation of it can be in English or in German, as you wish.
  • Since 1993, Robert Berger gathered practical and managerial experience in software design and development for embedded systems with and without hard real-time requirements.

    Since the beginning of the 21st century, he has used GNU/Linux on desktop and server class machines, but mainly for embedded practices (automotive, industrial control, robotics, telecoms, consumer electronics, etc.). Robert regularly attends international events such as "Embedded World", "Embedded Software Engineering Congress", "Embedded Systems Conference", and "Embedded Linux Conference" as an expert and lecturer. His speciality is mainly training, but also consulting (in German or English) worldwide. Robert's expertise ranges from the smallest real-time systems (FreeRTOS) to set-ups with multiple processors/cores and embedded GNU/Linux (user-, kernel-space, device drivers, hardware interfacing, debugging, multi-core, Yocto Project) with a focus on free and open source software. Robert is a globe-trotter. He is CEO & Embedded Software Specialist at Reliable Embedded Systems which is based in St. Barbara, Austria.
  • Stimmen & Feedbacks unserer Seminar-Teilnehmer

    "Sehr umfangreich, mit vielen Details, guter Überblick über den Gesamtumfang des Yocto-Projekts.
    Ausführliche Dokumentation mit weiterführenden Links. Praxisbezüge / Erfahrungsberichte des Trainers."

    "A good introduction into yocto!"

    "The training material was very comprehensive. A lot of good information and hints. Also liked the debug and profiling section."

    "Very informative but the topic itself it huge and is difficult to be fully covered under all the aspects in 4 days. But anyway the information is available in the provided material so at the end of the day everything is fine." Continental GmbH

    "I guess it will take new trainees huge effort to really work through and understand the content, especially when the pace is really fast. Probably unavoidable since the topic is tough too."

    "The information was condensed and it took quite a while to understand it. I feel that maybe more exercises would help here to allow the trainees to understand whats presented in a more practical way."

    "Great Training Program with some room for improvement."

    "Good imformations, hard to follow."

    "Instructor is very competent and helpful. never hesitant to answer any question. Good overall picture presented in 4 days." 

    "The trainer is very technical, has great experience. He is calm and its nice to talk with him."

    "Kompetenz und Detailwissen des Trainers."

  • Firmen- oder Inhouseschulungen finden ausschließlich mit Teilnehmern Ihrer Firma
    in unseren oder Ihren Räumlichkeiten oder als Online LIVE Schulung statt.

    Überblick zu den Vorteilen unserer individuellen Firmen- und Inhouseschulungen:

    • Individuelle Zusammenstellung der Themen, gemäß Ihren Anforderungen
    • Maßgeschneidert auf Ihre Ziele
    • Termin und Zeitraum der Firmenschulung bestimmen Sie
    • Schulungsort: Ob bei Ihnen vor Ort, in unseren Trainingsräumen oder als Online LIVE Training – Sie entscheiden
    • Firmenschulungen sind oft kostengünstiger, vor allem bei einer größeren Anzahl von Mitarbeitern
    • Rundum-Service in unseren Räumen, damit sich Ihre Mitarbeiter voll auf den Kurs konzentrieren können

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