SPO: LFS232 Cloud Foundry for Developers

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    • CF Motivators: Industry changes which have led to the cloud-native movement and the role of Cloud Foundry in the enterprise.
    • Basic Definitions & Core Themes: Established a basic lexicon around simple Cloud Foundry concepts like targets, orgs, spaces, users and roles. Scope is just enough to login and target.
    • Technical Overview: The main technical components/areas of Cloud Foundry, from the perspective of a developer interacting with the platform.
    • Applications & Routing: How Cloud Foundry stages and runs applications, and how Cloud Foundry routes traffic to those applications. The routing topic will cover both HTTP(s) and TCP routing.
    • Logging & Metrics: The logging and metrics system in Cloud Foundry, including: the relevant components, how applications should log and how users interact with the logging system.
    • Resiliency: Cloud Foundry’s built in availability and resiliency features.
    • Services: How Cloud Foundry works with backing services, including: the marketplace, services, service instances and service bindings.
    • Troubleshooting & Debugging: Using Cloud Foundry’s features to diagnose and fix issues in applications and environment configuration.
    • Extending the Platform: Extending the capabilities of Cloud Foundry.
    • Cloud Native Best Practices: Best practices for designing, deploying and managing applications, including the 12 factors.
    • Security: Using Cloud Foundry to secure applications and endpoints.
    • CI/CD & Automation: Best practices in automating the lifecycle of applications.
  • This course is designed to equip developers with a valuable, marketable skill set across all Cloud Foundry certified platform distributions. You will learn how to use Cloud Foundry to build, deploy and manage a cloud native microservice solution. The course has extensive labs so developers can learn by doing.

    • Some focus areas include:
      • Cloud Foundry architecture: what are the major components and how do they fit together so support developers?
      • Applications and Services: what are best practices for deploying, scaling and managing applications? How are services made available and used by Cloud Foundry applications?
      • Cloud Native design: how does Cloud Foundry enable creation of microservices, and support 12 factor application design principles?
      • Troubleshooting & Debugging: Using Cloud Foundry’s features to diagnose and fix issues in applications and environment configuration.

    You will have access to the course for a full year from the date of purchase, regardless of how quickly you complete the course. You can expect the course to take 40-50 hours to complete (although the course is self-paced, so you can move as quickly or as slowly as you like).
  • Should be an active developer, comfortable using command line tools and familiar with basic cloud computing concepts. Familiarity with Java/Spring, Node.js and/or Ruby is a plus.


    Developers that are new to Cloud Foundry or who want to broaden their Cloud Foundry skillset and improve their chances of becoming a Cloud Foundry Certified Developer.
  • CFCD
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