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Seminar AN61G: Power HA Systems Mirror 7: Planning, Implementation and Administration

This course teaches the you to design, plan, and configure a highly available cluster of Power Systems p nodes running Advanced Interactive Executive (AIX 6.1) using the PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 software. The course introduces the basic concepts, design, and planning considerations as well as covering the steps necessary to configure the PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 startup, fallover, and fallback behavior policies.


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4.000,00 €
4.760,00 € inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.
Explain what high availability is
Outline the capabilities of PowerHA SystemMirror
Design and plan a highly available PowerHA cluster
Install and configure PowerHA SystemMirror in the following modes of operation: Single resource group on a primary node with standby node (active/passive)
Two resource groups in a mutual takeover configuration (active/active)

  • Configure resource group startup, fallover, and fallback policies
  • Perform basic system administration tasks for PowerHA
  • Perform basic customization for PowerHA
  • Perform basic problem determination and recovery
This basic course is for individuals who are experienced AIX system administrators with TCP/IP networking and AIX Logical Volume Manager (LVM) experience who are responsible for the planning and installation of a PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 and later clustesr on an IBM power systems server running AIX 6.1 or later. The lab exercises are conducted on an AIX 6.1-level system.
  • Day 1:
    • Welcome and course introduction
    • Unit 1: Introduction to PowerHA SystemMirror
    • Unit 2: Planning and configuring network and storage
    • Exercise 1
    • Exercise 2

  • Day 2:
    • Unit 3: Configuring applications for PowerHA SystemMirror
    • Unit 4: Configuring a PowerHA SystemMirror cluster
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 4

  • Day 3:
    • Unit 5: Cluster validation and testing
    • Unit 6: PowerHA SystemMirror administration
    • Exercise 5
    • Exercise 6

  • Day 4:
    • Unit 7: PowerHA SystemMirror event processing
    • Unit 8: Basic Troubleshooting
    • Exercise 7
    • Exercise 8

  • Day 5:
    • Unit 9: PowerHA SystemMirror installation
    • Exercise 9
    • Open lab
Gabriela Bücherl
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  • Berlin
    • 29.07. - 02.08.2019
      € 4.000,00
  • Hamburg
    • 04.11. - 08.11.2019
      € 4.000,00
  • Stuttgart
    • 16.12. - 20.12.2019
      € 4.000,00
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