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Seminar SPO: LFS258 Kubernetes Fundamentals


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This course will teach you how to use the container management platform used by companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure.

  • You'll learn:
    • Kubernetes architecture
    • Deployment
    • How to access the cluster
    • Secrets and ConfigMaps
    • And much more!

This course is designed to work with a wide range of Linux distributions, so you will be able to apply these concepts regardless of your distro.

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de-facto standard to operate containerized applications at scale in the data-center. This course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Kubernetes and get quickly up-to-speed, to start building distributed applications that will scale, be fault-tolerant and simple to manage. From understanding its origin, to its high-level architecture, powerful API and key primitives, this course takes you from nothing to being in a position to start building complex applications. Kubernetes builds on 15 years of Google’s experience managing containerized applications. With a growing open-source community, it is poised to change the way we build and manage applications, as well as change the role of system administrators. This self-paced course will distill key principles, such as pods, deployments, replicasets, and services, and will give you enough information so that you can start using Kubernetes on your own.

You will have access to the course for a full year from the date of purchase (or availability, for preorders), regardless of how quickly you complete the course. You can expect the course to take 15-20 hours to complete (although the course is self-paced, so you can move as quickly or as slowly as you like).
To get the most out of this course, you should have basic Linux command line skills and at least some knowledge of linux containers (e.g. Docker).
Developers and system administrators who want to learn how to deploy and administrate Kubernetes.
  • Chapter 1. Course Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Basics of Kubernetes
  • Chapter 3. Kubernetes Architecture
  • Chapter 4. Installation and Configuration
  • Chapter 6. API Objects
  • Chapter 7. Managing State with Deployments
  • Chapter 8. Services
  • Chapter 9. Volumes and Data
  • Chapter 10. Ingress
  • Chapter 11. Scheduling
  • Chapter 12. Logging and Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 13. Custom Resource Definitions
  • Chapter 14. Kubernetes Federations
  • Chapter 15. Helm
  • Chapter 16. Security
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