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Seminar AN15G: Power Systems for AIX 3: Advanced Administration and Problem Determination


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This course provides advanced AIX system administrator skills with a focus on availability and problem determination. It provides detailed knowledge of the ODM database where AIX maintains so much configuration information. It shows how to monitor for and deal with AIX problems. There is special focus on dealing with Logical Volume Manager problems, including procedures for replacing disks. Several techniques for minimizing the system maintenance window are covered. It also covers how to migrate AIX Workload Partitions to another system with minimal disruption. While the course includes some AIX 6.1 enhancements, most of the material is applicable to prior releases of AIX.

  • Perform system problem determination and reporting procedures including analyzing error logs, creating dumps of the system, and providing needed data to the AIX Support personnel
  • Examine and manipulate Object Data Manager databases
  • Identify and resolve conflicts between the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) disk structures and the Object Data Manager (ODM)
  • Complete a very basic configuration of Network Installation Manager to provide network boot support for either system installation or booting to maintenance mode
  • Identify various types of boot and disk failures and perform the matching recovery procedures
  • Implement advanced methods such as alternate disk install, multibos, and JFS2 snapshots to use a smaller maintenance window
  • Install and configure Workload Partition Manager to support WPAR management and to implement Live Application Mobility (LAM)
  • You should have basic AIX System Administration skills. These skills include:

    These skills could be developed through experience or by formal training. Recommended training courses to obtain these prerequisite skills are either of the following:

    If the student has AIX system administration skills, but is not familiar with the LPAR environment, those skills may be obtained by attending either of the following:

    This is an intermediate course for AIX system administrators, system support, and contract support individuals with at least six months of experience in AIX.
  • Overview of advanced administration techniques
  • Error monitoring
  • The Object Data Manager (ODM)
  • Basic Network Installation Manager (NIM) configuration
  • System initialization problem determination
  • Disk management theory and procedures
  • Advanced techniques for installation and backup
  • Workload Partition (WPAR) Manager and Live Application Mobility
  • The AIX system dump facility
  • Ansprechpartner
    Gabriela Bücherl
    Gabriela Bücherl Geschäftsführung, Vertrieb Telefon:
    +49 (0)89-4576918-16
    • München
      • 16.12. - 20.12.2019
        € 4.000,00
    • Berlin
      • 11.11. - 15.11.2019
        € 4.000,00
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